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     Check List for Shearing Time

Immediately treat any fly strike when you see it. (Signs are flicking tails, stamping feet, dark wet patches and when really bad, the wool will be hanging off as well).  During the hotter months, fly strike can kill a sheep in days, act quickly.  Your local vet will be able to advise and provide you with the different options to kill maggots

Phone and Book in the Sheep with Us, allowing for a 1-2 weeks wait (usually), depending on the season & weather.  Oct to Dec always super busy when the wait is approx 2-4 weeks.  When you ring you will usually get our answer phone.  Please do leave a message; we will get back to you!

Check the conditions of your yards, pens & fences.  Use the wait time to fix up those holes, replace missing boards, repair the fences etc.

Bring the sheep closer to the yard for ease of mustering when it’s shearing time.  This way your job may possibly be done at short notice.

Buy the products necessary, if you want to provide it.  e.g. Drench, docking rings, wool packs, ear tags, and fly/lice control solutions.

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