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0800 Shearer is part of the Landsquad Group.

Landsquad is a specialist lifestyle block service provider.  It's goal is to be your "one stop shop" for all your lifestyle block services.  Check out our website to find out more www.landsquad.co.nz

Jeff is our Professional and Qualified Shearer.  He has over 20 years experience in the Shearing Industry.  He has done contract shed shearing throughout New Zealand most of his life, as well as many seasons shearing all over Australia.  We come from shearing & farming backgrounds & have many years experience in the Shearing Industry and so have the confidence to you our mobile sheep shearing service.

We provide a unique shearing service because we are the only mobile shearers using Flockmaster Shearing Equipment. The Flockmaster is a specialized battery, operating a 12vlt hand piece, worn on a custom leather belt, allowing complete freedom of movement; we can shear anywhere! 

We are usually a two people, one dog show.  The office team taking bookings, doing the paper work, drying, sorting & pressing the wool. Jeff makes the days appointments (an organising challenge that is), and then the hard manual work of mustering, shearing, crutching, setting up and packing up the shearing equipment etc.  Plus a dog , who helps with the mustering of the sheep.  During approx Oct to Dec we get the help of another professional Shearer, to help keep up with the high demand.



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